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Always get a Home Inspection and Know what you are getting yourself into when buying the largest expense of your life!

If you are buying New or Resell you will need to get an independent view of the property you are about to buy! Inspecting a home is about learning if the home has issues that make the home unsafe or costly to repair. 

When buying a new Home or New Construction do not let the builder dictate if you should or should not get your new home inspected. The Inspector has no affiliation to the builder and  the buyer should be allowed to hire any inspector he or she wants to determine if the builder has put out quality work and has followed local code.

411 Home Inspections can help you determine if the home you are buying make sense to buy!

- InterNachi certified (A National Inspectors Organization)

- License by the State of Texas 

- Certified in Roofing 

- Certified in Pools and Spas

- Certified in Chimney & Fire Place inspections

Questions about the Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, or about the HVAC system of the home you are buying then let us answer those questions.


Call today and get your home inspected by 411 Home Inspections and get some piece of mind! 

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