Always get a Home Inspection and Know what you are getting yourself into when buying the largest expense of your life!

Hi my name is Ray Hernandez and I have been in Real Estate for over 18 years and getting a Home Inspection is the most valuable piece of information any buyer of a new or resell home can invest in. Real Estate agents are always recommending to their buyers to get a Home Inspection and for good reason! 411 Home Inspections will walk you through the process of home inspection. and get you the info on all of your roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical, and your HVAC systems current status. We can determine whether your home has certain safety hazards, or maintenance issues.

I am  a Licensed Professional Inspector licensed through TREC our Texas licensing board. My number one priority is the home that you are about to purchase and to determine if it is a safe home for you and your family to live in!

Texas Real Estate Commission
TREC P.O. Box 12188, Austin TX 78711-2188 www.trec.texas.gov

Generally, home buyers are under time constraints when it comes to scheduling the home inspection. However rushed you may feel, don't make a hasty judgment on which home inspector to use. Choosing the right inspector could mean thousands of dollars in savings to you.
To discuss your particular scheduling needs or to learn more about how 411 Home Inspections can assist you in making an informed home purchase decision, Call today to Schedule your inspection! We strongly encourage home buyers to accompany the inspector throughout the inspection. Although the final report will provide a comprehensive picture of the inspection findings, the exchange of information between the inspector and the home buyer is priceless. 

Remember no one can determine the life of any mechanical system or structure, but 411 Home Inspections can inform you of safety and maintenance issues you might inccur in purchasing the biggest investment of your life!




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